The Studio

At Enter The Void Tattoo's we provide a premium service. All of our artwork is designed from scratch and you are part of your tattoo right from the start - from the moment you make contact with us to that final drop of ink, you are involved in your beautiful creation. Also, our tattoos are all unique - we will not copy anyone else's artwork from another tattoo studio. So you can walk away from the studio knowing that you've just had something special inked on your body.

Our studio hygiene is at an incredibly high standard. We know the importance and the essential fact that goes with providing a hygienic studio environment and sterilised equipment. Your health is our top priority and this is why we are so vigilant with our studio hygiene. If you want to come and have a look around the studio before thinking of your tattoo design please drop in.

We've won an award for 'Best Small, Black and Grey' at the Norwich Body Art Festival, so hopefully this helps demonstrate the quality of our artwork. Our designs fall into the following categories:

  • Colour Tattoos
  • Small Tattoos
  • Black and Grey Tattoos
  • Cover Up Tattoos

If you've got any questions about your tattoo do contact us. Thanks - from all of us at ETV!