"Is it safe to get a tattoo?"
We use a totally disposable system, every instrument is new and has been autoclaved at high temperature. After every tattoo EVERYTHING is disposed of and the area is sanitized. Our artists take part in cross contamination and blood borne work shops.
"Can you price my tattoo over the phone?"
No, we can only give tattoo prices in the studio as there are too many variables such as size, placement etc. It would be like asking how long is a piece of string? It's always best to come in and talk to the artist in person. We require a deposit in order to book you in, this secures your appointment and goes towards the price of your tattoo. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! (A deposit is transferable upon 48 hr cancellation notice).
"I want a tattoo but not sure what I want?"
We can not decide for you what you should or shouldn't have, every person has different tastes. Alternately go online and get a few reference pictures of images you like, come in to the studio and we can discuss a possible design.
"Should I walk in or book an appointment?"
We always encourage people to book an appointment regardless of size, this guarantees you will get in at a certain time without having to wait for hours and gives the artists time to work on your design. For smaller tattoos, if we have the space feel free to walk in.
"How should I prepare for my tattoo session?"
Make sure you are well rested, well hydrated and had something to eat two hours before your appointment. Have a shower, charge your phone or tablet and you can bring 1-2 friends. Also it helps to regularly moisturize the area getting tattooed a few days before the appointment.
"Can I bring my own design?"
Yes you can, we are happy to work with most designs as long as they are possible. Please do not ask us to copy another artists work, we can do a similar design but we suggest you do not copy.
"Why are your email and Facebook messages very short?"
We can get anything from 20-50 emails a day so we have to be brief as we simply do not have the time. Asking questions like how much will a sleeve cost will not be taken seriously as more often than not they are shopping for the cheapest tattoo possible. We are not the cheapest and not the most expensive.
"How old do I have to be to get tattooed at your studio?"
Over 18, we will not tattoo anyone under 18 even if accompanied by a legal guardian, and just because your friend got one from another studio doesn't mean we will change our minds.
"When are your opening times?"
Tuesday - Saturday 10:30-17:00. Always call before coming down as sometimes we may finish early or may be away on holiday.
"Are your inks vegan friendly?"
"Which payment methods to you accept?"
We currently only accept cash. There are several cash-points in the area but we recommend that you come prepared ahead of your appointment.
"Do you do cover ups?"
Yes we do, you will need to come in so we can take a look in person. Cover ups will be bigger than the original piece but not 'tattoo fixers' big lol. Sometimes for best results its better to get some laser removal. We want to give you the best tattoo possible, sometimes its worth listening to the artists advice.